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>> good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us, i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with our youologist, lisa argen. >> good morning, everyone. here's mount tam. looks sunny. a bit of a breeze blowing in the higher elevations but way up there we are looking at a little bit of fog. a speck of it in santa rosa where numbers have dropped down into the 40s. today a narrow spread. we will see 60s to 80s instead of the mid-and upper 80s. you notice is well out into the valley. we have a system offshore that will generate a bit more of a breeze and cooler air filters in throughout the afternoon. temperatures will be a little cooler today. i'll tell you how long it is going to last because we have a warmup to talk about with our seven-day outlook a little later. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa.
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>> a walnut creek man has been charged with manslaughter after two women were struck last night with his truck. one died and one is in the hospital. police have identified the driver at 53-year-old hussein debe. rees. >> witnesses say about 6:30 the red chevrolet pickup truck came speeding south bound on north main street in walnut creek. a family of three was walking on the westbound side of the street. irene ward was walking when she saw the scene. >> she went into the people. and mom flew all the way from the corner here and the girls flew all the way to the parking lot. walnut creek police said the mother died apparently on impact. her body lies at least 40 feet from where the truck struck her and another female. the injured woman was taken to a local hospital in what he and witnesses call grave condition. >> the young girl, she was laying down and she was -- her head was all bloody. >> that's what i heard.
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>> yeah, she was unconscious. >> the accident happened right in front of the marriott hotel on north main and paradise drive. the driver of the pickup truck had to be extracted from the truck by ems crews. he's also hospitalized. police of investigating whether alcohol or drugs were involved in the accident. first reports are victims are mother and daughter but police are not revealing their relationship except to say the woman who is hospitalized is in serious condition. the condition of the driver is unknown. in walnut creek, abc7 news. a windsurfer has been found alive after being stranded in san francisco bay for more than three hours. just before 6:30 last night 50-year-old man got stranded off coyote point park when the wind died down. he was found a half mile offshore clinging to his board shortly before 10:00. he had been windsurfing with his son before he went out on his own. he was taken to the hospital for observation. >> two south san francisco toddlers are safe at home this
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morning after being snatched by their father and spending three nights on the run in a sailboat. this is a mug shot of christopher maffei released last night by san mateo county authorities. this picture shows the children in a car on friday after being reunited with their mother. we spoke with the family about the kidnapping ordeal. >> brooklyn just said dad and boat. i thought he was a little thinner, but maybe he didn't have much food on the boat. >> these are photos taken just today of brooklyn and devin maffei. the brother and sister are enjoying themselves at a cousin's birthday party just 12 hours after the coast guard rescued them off a stolen boat near monterey. >> my heart, i was just so relieved when i heard that they were found and they were safe. >> authorities arrested the children's father, christopher maffei. he's charged with kidnapping, parental abduction and child
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endangerment. according to the kid's grandmother, tuesday afternoon maffei jumped over the fence, broke into the house, grabbed the two children and ran down the street to a rental car that was still running. he put the kids inside and then sped away. police say maffei then drove to almeda, where he stole this 40-foot yacht. san francisco police, county officials and fbi and coast guard tracked his getaway for three days. two boats filled with law enforcement and hostage negotiators moved in. >> the suspect said he was remorseful and wanted to do anything he could to assist. >> while their father was taken into custody, the children were reunited with their mother. >> she was exhausted, but happy. >> jennifer has been estranged from her ex-boyfriend for two years. in fact, the day her children were taken from her home, she
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was filing for a restraining order against maffei. abc7 news. >> in a statement just released the children's mother said i'm eternally grateful and thankful to the south sanfrancisco police department, the united states coast guard, the fbi and the media for all their hard work and diligence. and she says both kids are doing great. police in pittsburgh are piecing together clues in the murder of an 18-year-old that was killed just as about he was about to tape a music video. it happened friday evening in buchanan park. abc7 news reporter sergio has details. ♪ >> to his fans the 18-year-old musician was known as mac day. this is a film he filmed this friends earlier this summer. his real name is devon george. he was shot to death friday night at buchanan park in pittsburgh.
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his uncle said his family is struggling to understand the brutality of his murder. >> he's a well-behaved kid. he has a lot of love in him. and the sad thing about it is his little brothers and sisters were there when this all unfolded. >> police tell us devon and about five other people were about to begin filming at buchanan park when two other people walked up to them and an argument broke out. investigators say devon's group started running in different directions to get away. police tell us devon george was shot in the back. it happened to broad daylight and investigators say they have two suspects they are looking for and they have pretty good leads. there are surveillance cameras at the park and detectives are now going over video from the cameras as part of the investigation. police have not released any information on their two suspects. his uncle said the 18-year-old had been producing music since he was six years old and recently he was getting some positive attention. >> making songs and meeting artists throughout the industry. that's what it was starting to
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happen. they were starting to contact him. >> he saidd devon's siblings who witnessed the shooting are now getting counseling because of what happened. in pittsburgh, abc7 news. search crews are out this weekend looking for a college student from lafayette who disappeared on a tubing trip on the sacramento river. 20-year-old brett olson, a cal-poly student, vanished a week ago from today after setting out on the river near chico. watercraft from butte county will be on the river through the weekend looking for olson. authorities say it's possible he got lost in the brush around the beach. there is a massive facebook campaign to try to find him. that page now has more than 86,000 members and a post from olson's father this weekend indicates there's now a $50,000 reward for information that leads them to olson. in morgan hill volunteers showed up to search for missing teenagers sierra law more, which -- sierra lamar, just as they have every saturday and
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wednesday since mid-march. she disappeared march 16th from her home. anthony torres has been charged with her murder. her body has not been found. friday's discovery of remains has not discouraged the volunteers. >> it gets hard, of course, after what happened everybody, everybody was a little scared. but everybody showed up today and it's been very positive. >> up to 60 volunteers show up every search day to help look for sierra. the search headquarters are at burnet elementary school in morgan hill. a wildfire burning in lake county continues to burn out of control. charred more than 3,000-acres since it began friday afternoon. it's about eight miles east of ukiah. the fire is only ten percent contained right now. fire officials have reopened highway 16 in calussa county
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and that's even as the fight continues to contain a huge wildfire there. it's burning near the canyon about 60 miles northwest of sacramento. rumsey canyon 26 square miles have been scorched since it began tuesday. that fire is 70% contain. full containment is expected tomorrow. today is the two year anniversary of the san bruno pipeline disaster. this afternoon at 5:00 the city will mark the occasion by unveiling a memorial plaque of a community sculpture at san bruno city park. it was back on september 9, 2010, san bruno when a pg&e natural gas distribution lineup towered, bursting into flames at the corner of glenview and claremont. the fire destroyed 38 homes and killed 8 people. some homes have been rebuilt and others are under construction. assemblyman jerry hill has authored three bills to reform pipeline oversight. all three passed the legislature and are waiting for the
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governor's signature. the state public utilities commission has yet to levy any fines against pg&e. the utility faces numerous civil lawsuits. up next, vice presidential candidate paul ryan comes to the bay area. we will tell you about his visit with the former 49er. and the governor signs new workplace rules for employees wh
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>> republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan is raising campaign cash here in california. this weekend he made a couple stops in the bay area. the wisconsin congressman was the guest of honor at a breakfast fundraiser of former 49er brett jones and his wife. he then headed to google headquarters in mountain view and held an online chat. this is video of it that is posted on google plus. he took questions from supporters about a number of issues, including the economy. >> we want economic growth, we want opportunity, we want an opportunity society where everybody can make the most of their life, where they can tap their potential. where nothing stands in their way. >> you can watch his entire virtual video chat from google on our website, abc7 just click on see it on tv for a
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link. ryan made his first appearance on abc's "this "with george stephanopoulos. he talked about tax cuts. >> don't voters have a right to know which loopholes you are going to go after? >> so mitt romney and i, based on our experience, think the best way to do this is to show the framework, show the outlines of these plans and then to work with congress to do this. that's how you get things done. >> isn't that a secret plan? >> no, no. no. what we don't want is a secret plan. what we don't want to do is cut some back room deal, like obamacare. >> president obama will make another trip to the bay area before the election. the san francisco chronicle is reporting the president will attend a san francisco fundraiser on october 8th.
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california employers must accommodate religion attire and not place people who wear it out of public view. that's as a result of a bill signed this weekend by governor jerry brown. he was joined by several members of the sikh community. this measure clarifies requirements for employers who might otherwise engage in job discrimination. >> 1964 it makes it very clear this is dress code imposed by an employer must accommodate religious attire. so as long as there is no undue hardship posed on the employer, they will need to say you can wear that head scarf and you can wear that turbin. >> the new law has the potential to help the case of a muslim woman who sued disneyland last month saying she was fired from a hostess position after refusing to remove her head scarf. police are investigating a rash of smash-and-grab robberies in palo alto. at least seventeen cars have been broken into over two days. they have all been in parking lots, most of them city-owned lots.
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all happened in the early evening. police say it does not appear the suspects targeted any particular cars, but authorities do believe they are connected. our meteorologist lisa argen is here now talking about a cooling trend. >> yeah, it's nice and sunny out there. still 40s in the north bay. 60s in the east bay valley. right now in the city, look at that, nice shot. but we are talking about gusty winds around the delta. they spell a little touch of fall in the air. i'll explain next. >> also ahead, a new ban on -- a bay area ban on plastic bags
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so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it.
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it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined. makers of plastic bags are fighting back in santa cruz. they have filed a lawsuit to try to toss out the is it's plastic bag ban. a group called save the plastic bag coalition argues the ban increases the use of paper and reusable bags which they say has a negative environmental impact. the group also want the fee they charge customers for paper bags increased from 10 to 25 cents. the east coast is being battered by severe weather. new yorkers are cleaning up after two tornadoes hit yesterday. this video you are looking at was taken in the city of breezy point. a careful look shows the tornado ripping through a house and the lights flashing. you see there as the transformers blow.
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>> and the midwest continues to be affected by the weather as well. high winds blew off a large section of a roof in ohio and it landed on a car wash. so pretty wild out there in other parts of the nation, lisa. >> yeah, very strong storms yesterday. today he we are looking at our own local changes. temperatures coming down a little bit. santa cruz nice and sunny, but the numbers there in the upper 50s. yesterday you were in the upper 70s. today about four degrees cooler. closer to home, a north wind at the surface has cleared us out at our coast and a west wind at 14 right now. that's allowing for a bit of a breeze. the cooler marine air heads our way this afternoon. live doppler 7 hd, we did have dense fog earlier in santa rosa where the numbers were really cool but right now everything has cleared on out. and this is a sunnier month usually. we are looking at less of a marine influence, but temperatures taking a dip for the first part of the week.
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it's 55 in the city right now. still in the 40s, santa rosa you were down to 43 degrees earlier. 56 in napa. so a warmup in the past hour for you. 730 in antioch. 61 liver -- 70 in antioch and 61 in livermore. that's about as much of a spread as we will see this afternoon. look at the cool down at the coast, as well as santa rosa with 6 degrees of cooling in napa since yesterday. everyone pretty much a cooler start. the longer days or longer nights, i should say, and shorter nights. sunny and cool to start with temperatures anywhere from two to five degrees cooler, but the warming trend getting underway pretty quick. tomorrow temperatures are going to stay pretty much the same, but then we are going to see numbers respond to high pressure building back in. so here's the satellite picture. one thing you can definitely pick out is this area of low pressure up to the north. there's another one that's going to set up off the coast today and that's going to allow for
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some cooler air to filter on in to the bay area today. so numbers just a little bit below average. still with this system to the south we are getting some subtropical moisture into southern california, the mountains there, and also the mountains into the sierra nevada producing the possibility of stray storms. upper 70s here and low 90s with the possibility of a thunderstorm. but, you know, they are also going to see the gusty winds and dryer air behind a system today. so that sets up a red flag warning. even for our friends up to the north in lake county, wind gusts up to 25 and 30 miles an hour for the afternoon. and the relative humidity dropped well below 15%, even 10% and below. so be careful, we are certainly looking at critical fire weather there. monterey, still strong northwesterly swells. even the surfers going up there getting some sets shoulder high. so some pretty dangerous waves
9:24 am
out there. 68 in oakland today with 63 in san francisco. look at all the 70s around the bay. a nice, mild afternoon with low 80s if you go well out to the delta. but right now the winds are gusting to 32 miles an hour there. so that cooler marine air will make its way into our east bay valleys. 83 in gilroy. the look ahead, temperatures will continue a little bit cool with our breezy pattern tomorrow and then slightly warmer come tuesday. a bigger warmup comes wednesday into the end of the week. >> as you reminded me, we have a lot of september left. >> yes, we sure do, and october. >> yes. thank you, lisa. we are going to check out sports. the cal bears righted their ship at memorial stadium yesterday, taking it to southern utah. mike shumann has the morning sports. >> good morning. it was a big day for local college football teams. cal, stanford and san jose state were all victorious. we kick off with cal and southern utah. a must-win for the bears if they want to contend for the pac 12
9:25 am
title. they looked a lot better in all the phases of the game. they broke it up in the fourth quarter forcing two turnovers to score 30 points. zach maynard, 19 yards. bears up 10. cal had 518 yards total offense. after marc anthony returns for a touchdown, the punt is bobbled. 69 yards. turns on the jets. cal goes up 44-17. bears get insurance. he have takes the snap, he finds the seam, see ya. 77 yards. cal wins their first game of the season, 50-31, your final. stanford hosting duke. first quarter. the cardinals jumped out to an early lead thanks to this 76-yard punt return for a touchdown from drew torrell. stanford goes up on top, 7-0. second quarter, taylor, 13 yards right up the gut. stanford up 23-3 at the half. and a perfect throw here to torrell. six more.
9:26 am
torrell, three td's in two games. stanford improves with the victory. >> san jose state bounced back from their loss last week. and a win over uc davis. spartans pull away. to chandler jones. ten yards. san jose state on top, 28-7. 277 yards and a touchdown. big night for running back. 130 yards, three tds. this one 27 yards. spartans cruz, 45-13. they are now 1-1. all right. good news for a's pitcher brandon mccarthy who had surgery wednesday to relieve pressure on his brain from a epidural hemorrhage after being hit by a line drive. he's up and around and texting. 49ers patrick willis sent him a get well text. brandon texted back, he said thanks buddy, i felt like i just got hit by you. >> a's and mariners in seattle. kottaras continues to swing a hot bat. a two-run shot. his fifth of the year. gives the a's 2-1 lead. -- 4 live 1 lead. still in the fourth. coco crisp gets in on the action. doubles to the gap. cliff scores from first. a's on top, 5-1.
9:27 am
and another solid outing for brett sanderson. 6 innings, one un-earned walks, struck out four. his e.r.a. it .69. now 4-0 in his four starts this year. a's hold a half card lead for the wildcard over baltimore. giants and dodgers. there was trouble in the eighth. a rare wild pitch. alex castellanos gets it home and tied at two. in the ninth. jeremy affeldt on the mound. hanley ramirez doubles. adrian gonzalez scores. dodgers take the 3-2 lead. giants bring the go-ahead run to the plate and brandon lee gets hector sanchez to line out. giants lose 3-2. they now lead the dodgers by four and a half games. of course, the 49ers in green bay. we will have those highlights at five. have a great day. >> as mike just mentioned, the giants play the dodgers tonight at at&t park. now, if you are going to the game, don't forget to use our exclusive ways app to help you
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get to the game on time. you can get the waze app on the google play or ipad store or go to our website and then join our abc7 traffic spotter group. up next, the situation in china may be worst than first thought as rescue teams begin to reach earthquake victims. and the two deadly attacks in iraq overnight. we will8taúes0p0p
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> we are getting some new pictures out of china this morning showing just how desperate conditions are for survivors from two recent earthquakes. they have sent rescuers sending for cover with rocks sliding. at least 80 people have died and 800 are injured from the quakes that struck on friday.
9:31 am
they hit a poor mountainous area of southwest china ma and shut down many communication lines to the people who need the help. new this morning at least ten iraqi soldiers have been killed on an early morning raid on a military base about 50 miles north of baghdad. gunmen attacked the soldiers while they were sleeping, then got away. and more violence in the northern iraqi city of kukuk this morning. a car bomb struck a group of suni muslims who were waiting to apply for jobs with the police department, killing seven people and wounding 17. a police commander is blaming the attack on al-qaeda. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton is meeting with south korea and malaysia leaders in russia this weekend. it's part of the asia-pacific economic cooperation meeting that wraps up today. clinton talked with russian leaders asking for support to end the crisis in sierra. but after the talks moscow said they are still opposed to u.s.-backed penalties. people in san francisco are taking steps to help improve the
9:32 am
lives of children in syria. this walk across the golden gate bridge was one of 20 held nationwide to bring attention to the civil unrest in syria and helped injured or malnourished children there. participants are also demanding global action to remove the syrian president assad from office. >> the whole world is watching. massacres after massacres, and nobody is taking real action to help the syrian people and stop the massacres. >> being a syrian on this side of the world i feel obligated to march on their behalf. it's the least i can do. >> for each person who registered for the walk, $5 goes to provide aid in syria. for the first time ever the national guard in california has a female brigade official. kelly fisher was installed yesterday during a change of command, a ceremony at travis
9:33 am
air force base. fischer, a 30-year-old air force veteran, will lead the 49th military police brigade which is stationed at travis. the 49th is the homeland response force for the western states. more than two dozen bus drivers in the north north bay may be losing their jobs. the marin independent journal reports the golden gate transit district could lay off as many as 38 bus drivers. those cuts could happen if the transit district loses a contract to provide bus service in marin county. currently the county pays golden gate to operate their bus routes. the latest proposal calls for 25% less service which would save the county millions of dollars of cost workers jobs. that proposal will be discussed during a september 17th meeting. >> if you are look for a job, bay area companies will be filling more than 300 positions during next week's hire event job fair sponsored by abc7 and the job journal. the event will be at the hotel
9:34 am
whitcom on market street in san francisco from noon to four on wednesday. we have all the details on under see it on tv. the palo alto city council is considering a ban on medical marijuana dispensaries. it would keep them from opening up shop. according to the bay area news group, three council members are seeking to fight a measure on the november ballot that would allow as many as three dispensaries to operate in palo alto. they claim allowing the pot clubs to open would lead to secondary effects in neighborhoods like illicit drug sales and criminal activity. other peninsula cities, including mountain view and redwood city, have also moved to ban dispensaries. coming up, a northern california man is putting walnut shells to good use as farm fuel. and here is a live look from our emeryville cam showing you another beautiful day in paradise.
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lisa argen will have your forecast in a
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>> for julia, taking a walk in the hot sun could bring uncomfortable consequences.
9:38 am
>> it is exciting because it's a nonevasive way to permanently destroy sweat glands and these are the sweat glands responsible for excessive under arm sweating. >> a dermatologist said the technique is safe because there are enough sweat glands in other parts of the body to compensate. after first marking out a grid on the underarm area, a technician uses a hand set to deliver heat. >> this type of procedure uses microwave energy to focus energy at the level of the skin where the sweat glands reside and permanently destroys them. >> while the microwave component delivers energy to a calibrated depth, a parallel system produces energy closer to the service to present damage around the tissue. the device is an alternative to surgical treatment, including the vaser. and botox injections which are
9:39 am
used to temporarily disabled sweat glands. all the procedures can have side effects, the most common pain and swelling in the treatment area, which can last for several days or weeks. the energy used in this system is controlled by software in the base station and a displace on the hand set helps guide the technician through the procedure. >> it's automated. the computer gives the feedback when to stop and start the cycle. >> in about an hour julia is finished and ready to go home, hopefully to a new life free from severe percent separation. >> it's just more of a comfort issue really, mostly physical, somewhat emotional. >> carolyn johnson, ay7 news. >> that treatment costs roughly $5,000. it is not covered by insurance. >> more health news now. the california department of public health is expanding that recall of red vines candy made in a
9:40 am
union city production center. in addition to the black licorice products recalled last month, the department of health is warning these other products could have more than the allowable amount of lead. added to the recall, family mix, mixed bites, snaps, and black licorice twists. the bags are labeled with expiration dates of february, 2013. officials say eating the candy could lead to twice the allowable daily amount of lead in children. you've heard of solar energy, wind energy, and how about walnut energy? a walnut farmer in dixon near sacramento is using his stockpile of leftover walnut shells to help power his farm. russ lester uses this first-of-its-kind machine that heats up the shells to 2,000 degrees, converting them into a combustible gas that is fed to a generator. lester said he's the first person in the state to try it. >> the goal is for us to be sort of an example for other farms, peach pits, almond shells.
9:41 am
they are all capable ever running through here. >> and lester is getting a second gasifier and when both machines are up and running, they will provide 80% of the electricity used on his farm. oh, the entrepreneurial spirit of america. >> that's pretty cool. >> all right. we are looking at a lot of sunshine in san jose. >> that's cool. >> yes. and another ten to twelve degrees of warming, but that will still be shy of the average today. numbers a little cooler around the bay today. i'll explain next. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, some lucky kids got swim lessons from an olympian this weekend. the remarkable story of how he learned to swim. that's next. >> a gift card complaint i have never received before. i am michael finney. 7 on your side
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9:43 am
9:44 am
>> welcome back. the time right now is 9:44 on this september 1th. on this day back in 1850, california was admitted as the 31st state. hey, we've got all kinds of attractions. this is santa cruz, a live look now. would you like to go to the boardwalk? well, if you can't make it there, you can at least look at the picture. lisa argen will be along just a bit later to tell but the temperatures there and elsewhere. >> knowing how to swim could earn you a gold maddal some day or it could save your life.
9:45 am
that's the message behind a bay area visit from an athlete with five olympic medals and a world record, a career that abc7 news reporter johnathan bloom explains almost didn't happen. >> reporter: watching olympic swimmer collin jones warm up in the pool, there's one thing about him you might not guess. >> when i was five years old i almost drown. >> jones, the first african-american man to set a world record in swimming, came from a family who didn't swim. when he fell overboard on a water ride, he didn't know how to come up for air. >> the lifeguards had to come in, pull me out, completely resuscitate me. and when i woke up, my mom got me into swim lessons within a week. >> swim lessons that eventually led him to olympic gold. lessons like the ones jones now teaches to young kids. this is video from the usa swimming foundation of his program called make a splash. you see what happened to jones as a kid is startingly common, especially for children of color.
9:46 am
>> it's a huge problem. 70% of african americans don't know how to swim and nearly 60% of hispanic children don't know how to swim. >> and drowning is the second leading cause of death for kids under 14. a statistic he's now set out to change, one child at a time. >> he is so patient, so giving. the kids really respond to him and that's important because you don't want this to be a lecture. >> team sponsor, phillips 66, is taking jones on a national tour to teach swim lessons. free. >> we want to stop drowning. let's give our kids proper tools to be safe around water. >> in san jose, johnathan bloom, abc7 news. >> good deal. lisa argen is here now, our meteorologist, talk, of course, weather all over the bay area. >> we should see the low 60s north and south end of the bay, and shy of that today. but we are looking at less fog now because the marine layer is
9:47 am
compressed. you see the winds blowing a little bit in the higher elevations. we will see a marine push later on tonight. we will get some fog, but in the meantime it's going to be a cooler afternoon. here's the roof camera. very little wind to speak of here. a fine way to start a sunday. high definition doppler right now. you will notice that we are not looking at anything in the way of low cloudiness. in fact, we are clear. we had some dense fog earlier in santa rosa, and temperatures dropped significantly this morning. still recovering at 49 santa rosa. good morning napa, 56 for you. the warm spot, one of the warm spots, oakland not bad, upper 50s. but look at 70 in antioch. we will have the cool air filtering into the east bay valleys. overall temperatures are cooler this morning than they were yesterday morning. especially on the coast. 7 degrees of cooling with about three degrees of cool for redwood city. higher elevations in los gatos are cooler.
9:48 am
antioch, you are warmer. we are putting it all together today for more sunshine, but temperatures still below the average. we will keep it that way through tomorrow as a weak system sits off the coast to the north and west of us. and then once that moves on by, high pressure builds back and we will get into a more usual pattern for september. a slight offshore flow and a warmup ensues for much of the up coming work week. here's a look at our satellite picture. you will notice the area of low pressure up here in the gulf of alaska. another upper level low will be developing off of the oregon coast and that's what will aid in our cooling today. but still the flow to the south, allowing for subtropical moisture to head up into southern california, the mountains there, and also the mountains of the sierra nevada. perhaps a thunderstorm once again. so they have seen a little bit of activity there the last couple of days. that continues, but the cooler air filtering in to the valleys here with upper 80s in
9:49 am
sacramento and a sunny coast today. despite that, we are still looking at a red flag warning not only for the sierra nevada, but for lake county where the winds will be quite gusty this afternoon, 25 to 30 miles an hour. with that the relative humidity drops. so the air very, very dry and that creates the potential for fire danger. so extremely dry fuels out there. but the south, the northwest flow and the swell is allowing for some strong rip currents along the monterey bay. keep that in mind. and back home today with some low 70 eats, the south end of the bay, we are shy of your 82 average for this time of year in san jose. upper 70s for santa rosa with 78 in concord. across the bay in oakland, 68. the giants play later on this afternoon. it will be cool but sunny with about 60 starting out at 5:00 and temperatures dropping throughout the early evening. along the central coast sunny and mid-70s santa cruz.
9:50 am
keeping it breezy and cool tomorrow. a slight warmup tuesday and a more significant warmup midweek and through the weekend. more typical. >> okay. but this week we have a little variety there? >> yeah, a little dip to start out. >> all right. thank you, lisa. . >> a couple plans to sue american airlines for not allows his boy with down syndrome board the flight. he has not allowed because he was running around the gate area. >> miss of all to the american airline response, they are such chickens. they can pick up the phone and call me. they could e-mail me. but i haven't heard from them directly. so all i know is what people tell me they said. >> well, here's part of what they said, that the family should expect to hear from them soon and that their actions were in compliance with the air
9:51 am
carrier access act. legal experts say it's going to be tough for the family to prove american refused to let their son fly because of his condition because airlines have the legal right to decide who boards their planes. 7 on your side's michael finney has heard just about every complaint possible about gift cards, but here's one each he has never heard before. it's the case of the mystery gift card. doug williams bought his friend a gift card for the movies. here it is. a little beat up. but there on the second line you can see it says century theaters. >> so he brought me over here last week to see "the expendables 2," which was just released and they refused to take the card. it was kind of a surprise to us. she said we are no longer a century theater. >> no longer? look at the sign out front next to the street. look at the sign on the building. >> sure looks like a century theater. >> that's what he said. it says century 21 on the outside and the ticket stub said century 21 and she still refused
9:52 am
to take it. she said we are no longer century theaters. >> but look closer and on the bottom of this sign it says winchester theater. and look through the ticket window. back against the wall there's another sign and it says winchester 21, 22 or 23. so i go to the theater next door and there i find this sign, sin mart gift cards are no longer accepted at winchester theaters 21, 22 and 23. so can i see a manager for more information? i'm michael finney from channel 7 news. >> i'm told this guy is a manager, but he said only the assistant. he refers me to the manager, who has the day off. so i call the manager this morning, and he refers me to the marketing vp, where i leave a message and haven't yet heard back. i spoke with a cinimart person who said the theaters are indeed separately own and not a part of
9:53 am
cinimart. doug didn't expect anything from the theaters, i just wanted consumers to any. -- consumers to know. >> if you've got these gift cards, even though it says century 21 on the theaters, you can use these gift cards here. -- you can't use these gift cards here. just kind of a heads-up for the public. >> it was a nice thing for you to do. >> thank you. i think there's a lot of incidences in the past where people have bought gift cards and been unable to use them, and they are really easy to lose out of your wallet so you want to use them before you lose them. >> he's right. now the good news is the gift cards work just fine and you don't have to go far to use them. here's the sign for the century theater. it's across the street, the santana road, and look back there, a cinimart theater. here's a closer look. it isn't much of an inconvenience as long as you know, and now you do. apparently the century theater is still on the signage because, in part, these are now
9:54 am
considered historic buildings. the cinimart buildings are contacting doug. they want to make sure he is taken care of and happy. and when i make contact with the in chester theaters, i will ask for increased signage so consumers who haven't seen this report will have a better heads-up. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. coming up, some good, dirty fun. why thousands of people turned out this weekend to take on a wet, muddy obstacle course. 4g lte has the fastest speeds.
9:55 am
so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
9:56 am
9:57 am
here's a reminder abc7s all news afternoon lineup, all knew, rather, debuts tomorrow. general hospital will air an hour earlier at 1:00 p.m. instead of 2:00. then "who wants to be a millionaire" followed by "jeopardy" and at three don't miss "katie" the new talk show with katie couric. it's followed by abc7 news at four. and here is lisa argen right now with your final weather forecast. >> it looks nice out there but we still have fog in the
9:58 am
distance. that will generate a stronger sea breeze today. cooling us back a bit. here's the look ahead. a couple cool days and then we warm up into the week ahead and the weekend. >> all right. that will do it for us this morning. thank you for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. abc7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. we want to remind you about our exclusive i-phone app for the i-phone. wake up to the latest not to make a home-cooke
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